Last Week I Learned…(07/01/12 to 07/07/12)

Last week, I learned:

  • That my life works fine, when I remember to love and honor myself, as well as the rest of humanity.  That self-respect gave me the courage, last week, to end a situation without feeling guilty or having any second thoughts at all.  First time in my life.
  • That regardless of my wavering blood test results, I fare best when I stick to the restrictions of my diabetes and kidney diets.  That committing to the food plan which will suit my conditions is a measure of the self-love and self-respect I mentioned above.
  • Now I just need to make that commitment!
  • That 4th of July fireworks are not as exciting or compelling as they used to be.  I sat right here, facing the window, and never even noticed them.  How sad is that?
  • That my landlords, a housing authority, and State HUD, like to freak people out with announcements about inspections that come through with less than a week to go.  And that I am very grateful that I am not as terrible as I used to be staying ahead of my housekeeping.
  • That Maine is one of the most beautiful spots in the world, in the summer, when the wind is out of the northwest, and the world seems so clear and in focus that I feel like I could touch the clouds.  When cardinals are calling, and robins warbling, and the osprey chicks have hatched in the nests nearby.  The water is still bitingly cold, but the air is warm, and the sand is hot from the sunshine.  Yes, Maine in summer is a lovely place to be.

This week has actually been much more gentle than I would have expected, considering the argument at the beginning of the week.  I must be growing up all the time.


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