Songs I Listened to Then: 1994 – 2000

(N.B.  I had another song, much more cheerful and upbeat, to end with — I’ve been trying for hours now to get it to load, but it won’t.  I tried another number and I couldn’t get that to load either, although all of them show up in Edit.  I am very confused!)

I listened to very little current music in the 1990s — this was a few years after I discovered Pink Floyd.  Besides them, I listened mostly to hits from the 70s and 80s hits, but a few late 20th century songs made the cut.  These are my songs:

Pink Floyd:  Time from Dark Side of the Moon

I love this song; all I can say is that it is sad and beautiful, and what I know of the verses sounded like they were written straight from my head in the early 90s.  In case some of my readers have the same difficulty I had at first, fear not; I loved the music, but I could barely understand the words they were singing.  Here are the lyrics.

Many will find it unlikely that I wasn’t familiar with Pink Floyd by the time I was thirty years old.  Actually, I truly listened to them in 1991, for the first time, and they’ve stayed with me right up to 2000.

In the middle of the song is a wicked guitar solo,  but you can skip it by going to 4:58.  Here is Time, from Dark Side of the Moon:


Green Day: Basket Case, from Dookie

The video for this song caught my eye long before the lyrics caught the rest of me.    I’m using it below.  Because the lyrics are virtually unintelligible, I’m including a link to the lyrics; I recommend opening the lyrics in another tab, so you can follow the song.  It is mostly about going crazy.  Here is Basket Case:


Los Del Rio:  Macarena from Macarena, The Hit Album

I don’t include this song because I liked it, although I did, for the first 50 times.  Once again, the lyrics are virtually indistinguishable. Macarena was everywhere — on my first trip to the Yucatan, in 1997, I learned how to dance the Macarena.  I will not feel bad if you decide to skip this, but it is one I was listening to, like it or not.  Here’s Macarena:


Barenaked Ladies:  One Week from Stunt

All I remember is that I heard my nephew singing this song, and maybe two seconds later, it was all over the radio and TV.  I remember using the word, barenaked, all through my late childhood.  I like that at least one of the members of the band remembers that from his life.  Follow the link, above, to learn about the stunning medical obstacle one band member faced, and how the help of his bandmates buoyed him up through the process.  Here is One Week, from Barenaked Ladies:


Carly Simon:  Let the River Run from the Working Girl Soundtrack

I know almost nothing about this song, and that never even mattered to me.  It is one of the most powerful and beautiful songs of the decade, and I spent a lot of quarters playing it on a jukebox in 1994.  Here’s Let the River Run:


3 responses to “Songs I Listened to Then: 1994 – 2000

  1. Time: Simply one of the best songs ever conceived! I spent a lot of time with Dark Side of the Moon. Drank a whole lot of Annie Green Springs [cheap] wine while listening to it!

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