My Flesh-and-Blood (F&B) Friends, and My Non-F&B Friends

My writers’ group met today.  The members of that group are all women with whom I’ve gone through one dream team.  Meeting once a month to compare our work and offer each other support and encouragement was my biggest hope for our dream team; now, this recurring meeting is a big part of the system of support on which I lean for my writing.

My writers’ group is made up of myself, and four of my flesh-and-blood friends.  I don’t have as many f&b friends as I used to have, but then again, I hid for a decade behind some nasty sickness and a killing depression.  Many who were my friends at the beginning of that decade I no longer see.  Friendships only last through so much neglect before they become less, and less, and finally, nothing at all.

I am lucky, in that I have found f&b friends here in my building, as well; a small group of really good people, mostly the smokers who sit out in front of the building.  I have no problem with them smoking — in fact, as I confessed before, I joined them for one.  Rather, I spend time with these men and women because I love having f&b friends, people I can turn to for one of those touches we all sometime need: a hand on my shoulder, even that quiet tap on the knee or the shoulder.  I am lucky to find them here.

So I have two sources of f&b friends.  I also count many non-f&bs as friends, bloggers and other members of the blog community who have become as important to me as f&b friends are.  These are a new class of friends in my life, but they have their vital spot in my heart.  My bloggy friends vary from one end of the social spectrum to the other; each a different kind of writer; many sympathetic and supportive, and a few sort of remote.  They are men and women, from countries around the world.  Once again, I’m lucky.

Many of my family are my friends, to one degree or another.  I am lucky to have come to a place in my life where I can appreciate my family as friends, not something I could always do.  My older sister, S., is my dearest and best friend, and even though we see each other less often than once a year, she is as close as my phone, and my heart.  I love her, and all of my family; I owe sister S. my life, many times over.  I am lucky and very happy to have found common ground with my mother, with whom I never got along that well, before.  My other sisters, my brother, my father and his other family — from bare acquaintances to partners in memories of happy times,  I am lucky to count my family as friends.

I am not completely clear about why I needed to write this today, but I am glad now that I did.


7 responses to “My Flesh-and-Blood (F&B) Friends, and My Non-F&B Friends

  1. I have a word for friends that create a sense of family for me. “Framily” Then another blogging sister who I adore came up with this word for bloggers who feel like you and I do. “Blblings”. Instead of siblings we are biblings. Quite clever I think~

    • Thank you, Jake. I am so happy to see the spark you’ve created amongst such a large group of photographers! And your explanations of each week’s topic are getting deeper and better with every Sunday that goes by! I’m proud that you call me your friend, and I’m thrilled that I have you as my friend! 😎

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