My plan for a second blog

I arrived home a little while ago, from a monthly meeting of my writers’ group.  This is a terrific bunch of women; we each give the others the love and support they need to continue their writing projects.  Our meetings are relaxed and we always laugh a lot — at least one of us has some odd writing experience to talk about.  Today’s meeting ran much the same way others do; each of us had progress to report.

With the help of the other members of this group, I am narrowing my plan for writing a book:  first, it was a memoir, then a memoir with poetry, then a poetry book with included memoirs, and now, a book of poetry specifically about Diabetes.  I foresee this as a source of some lightness in the otherwise dark time of diagnosis.  Today, I am opening a new blog dedicated entirely to poetry.

When I think of what kind of book I wish I had received, early in my life with diabetes, I envision a combination of light-hearted, funny poems, and serious poems about being diabetic, and what that means to me.  I hope that this book I am planning will be one that doctors and therapists offer to new diabetic patients, to offset the enormous additions of rules in those people’s lives.

I feel like I have used this blog, and all my readers, as a kind of test audience; believe when I say I have no intention of losing the focus of this blog.  I’ll continue to post about life’s ordinary events, and the ones not so ordinary as well.  The only difference will be fewer poems on this blog site, and more on my next.  I invite all of you to come over and visit, as soon as I have set up the new blog.  I will post with the new address at that time.

I will still post here daily, when I can.  I hope you will find posts of interest on one or the other blog.  More soon.


7 responses to “My plan for a second blog

  1. Fabulous idea sweetie!I love this and can think of how nice it would have been to offerred something similar when I was diagnosed. Have you thought about adding a small chapter in the back of your best tips for a newly diagnosed patient and what worked for you to help adjust and accept?
    I am thinking outloud here after just reading your post so if I am stepping on toes forgive please. It just came to mind.

    Mucho hugs for a successful writing group.~ Love ya !

    • No stepping on toes, so no worries. I came up with a title — — a little long, but is just the kind of quote I was seeking. The author was Laurie Lee, a British poet of the early 20th century.

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