Songs I Listened to then — 2010

I happened to see the video for this first song the other day, and it got me thinking about the music I listened to that year.

Christina Perri:  Jar of Hearts from lovestrong

Christina captured me almost immediately, not just with this song, but with the choreography, and her look — just beautiful.  This song was released in July 2010.  Here’s Christina Perri with Jar of Hearts:


Adam Lambert:  If I Had You from For Your Entertainment

All right — I admit that the first thing about this song which caught my eye was the  similarity of the video with some of the songs I listened to in the 80s.  But, after I listened to it, I found that I really like Adam Lambert and the way he sings.  I have since found other songs from him, as well.  I think he’s adorable, and I don’t care who knows!  Here’s Adam Lambert with If I Had You:


Muse:  Uprising from The Resistance

The album and the song were released in 2009, but I first heard Uprising early in 2010.  This song, and this band, for that matter, grabbed me with the music, long before I listened to any of the words (lyrics.)  Lead vocalist and guitarist, Matthew Belamy wrote Uprising, and his performance of the song in the video speaks, to me at least, of his connection to the song’s origin.  Here is Muse with Uprising:


Shakira:  Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) from Listen Up! The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album 

Shakira — I really don’t care that she is an okay singer.  Watch her move those hips!  This particular number was performed in Soweto for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, (for which it was the official song,) and was later released on Shakira’s album Sale el Sol.  This official video included the African group, Freshlygroundand African singers and dancers. It is not a great video, and the vocals and video seem to be off by about half a beat, BUT…. All this is by way of saying that, when you get closeups of Shakira dancing, they make the rest of the video well worth watching.  This is Shakira with Waka Waka (This Time For Africa):


5 responses to “Songs I Listened to then — 2010

  1. Judith, I’m getting old I guess. I’m unfamiliar with every one of these songs. I rooted big-time for Adam Lambert when he was on American Idol (I vowed that was the last season I’d watch the show), but I’ve not been impressed with his work since. But that’s just me, I suppose. Shakria is cute . . . I’ll give her that.

    • Shakira can belly dance like nobody’s business — at the end of the video, there is a choice of other videos — click on Shakira shakes her ass. This Adam Lambert tune is the first I ever heard of him, and all I could think of was Glamazon from the 80s. Since, I’ve listened to others — Miracle is my fave right now, but that’s because I just saw 2012 again! Christina Perri, I just love the strength in her voice, and the fact that she doesn’t ahuhahuhauahuahauah like most female singers these days — and I do love the lyrics of this particular song. Muse — good chord progression — I’m not familiar with their other works. You aren’t getting old — you work, and so you haven’t sat around with coffee and VH1 for awhile, I guess! 😎

  2. love all of these songs. Lurve Adam!! And Waka Waka was one of my favourites when i was doing Zumba, thanks to our teacher who had put great moves together for it. 🙂

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