Last Week I Learned

Last week was a week of some note — especially with respect to wanting something, and that wanting making it happen.  Hooray for the Law of Attraction!

  • Last week, I learned that wanting something to happen makes up a huge amount of making that something happen.  I am speaking in general about my poetry blog, The Sun Drips Honey, and in particulars, so many parts of that blog — the title, the poems themselves, the comments and support — all have come to be, I believe with all my heart, out of my positive vibrations in the directions of what would give me delight.  Sounds woo-woo, I know, but I believe I learned that lesson, from beginning to end, over the last week.
  • Last week, I learned that taking a risk, without regard to the outcome of that risk, is a part of life I never knew till now, and now that I know it, I will live that way for the rest of my life.
  • Last week, I learned that even relatively long periods of time can go by without talking with my support system; when we reconnect, the support is still there, celebrating my new successes.  This I learned in varying degrees — but each reinforced my feeling of emotional independence.
  • Last week, I learned that belonging to a writers’ group is now a requirement in my life.  Thanks, you guys!
  • Most importantly, for me:  Last week I learned that I can maintain blood sugars in the 90-110 range, by doing the thing I was always so scared to do — taking more insulin, (who could ever have thought that would work?)  And I’m not gaining enormous weight as a result.  Bonus!

Life lessons, and the final release of other long-held habits, have taught me to be courageous in a new and very powerful way.  This has been a very good week!


3 responses to “Last Week I Learned

  1. MORE power to you – being brave and courageous is an amazing place to be. When you’re in that zone the clouds fade away and all is crystal clear! Keep on keeping on! Hugs — Margekatherine

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