Not writing anything

Sorry, guys.  I’ve tried, I’ve slept, I’ve tried, and I can’t come up with anything.  Nothing wrong — just no inspiration.  I’ll try again tonight.

Do any of you have, or know someone who has, Morgellon’s Disease?  If so, I’d like to speak with you.  Thanks.

More soon, I promise!


5 responses to “Not writing anything

  1. Sometimes it happens. I know I write just to have an entry here but most of the times I end up telling how I really feel. But it helps. Hang in there. Wishing you well.

  2. Sweetie give yourself a break. I don’t even try to write on my blog every day. I keep a private journal which I do try to add to each day but my blog nope. If it starts to feel like a job, a have to thing I’ll rebel by pulling back.My writing a blog is for cathartic purposes so sometimes my thoughts just dont roll that way. And that’s okay.
    So please do not beat yourself up. ~ BB

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