At the urging of my friend, Lady Barefoot Baroness, I am reblogging today’s post. BB is working quite hard to put together a community of knowledgeable people who can help with missing children, and following these rules helps to avoid that situation; they are also good for general safety, health, and happiness in the family.
Thank you, Lady Barefoot Baroness!

Barefoot Baroness

Hello my blogging friends – this is just for you: My friend and brother blogger and I have created a campaign of posting missing children alerts on our blogs to bring awareness to the children’s stories and most importantly their faces. Some of you may have seen some posts all ready.  The idea is to get their photos out to more people around this world. How can that hurt? So my friend at and I had hoped that our readers would also pick up on the idea, and also post the alert information on their own blog, and their readers do the same and on and on.

Can you imagine how many people we can put these children’s faces in front of with such little effort on our part? I have a feeling that what I expected from you all was not fair, when I look back and…

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  1. To Judith: Our awesome hero of the day for being the first to take the leap and great effort to joing the fight and reblog ths post!! It’s obvious by what people do what their passions and heartfelt feelings are about things. Judith knows what kind of impact that missing cildren has on those missing; and what it does to their families and our communities.
    Lest you think that this can never happen to you, most every parent who has had a child missing, every neighbor, has said the same thing. I know because I hear it everytime I hear parents, families and neighbors/communities talk in cases of missing children.

    Thanks so much Judith for joining us on our soapbox. It’s got a lot of room for more, but I’ll always remember you were the first! You’re the best!

    Loving hugs sister~ BB

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