My Gratitude List 07/28/12

Today is Saturday, and I love Saturdays in the Blogoverse.  Saturdays mean Six-Word Saturday, as well as this post:  My Gratitude List.  Today, I am grateful for:

  • Being alive, and well enough to enjoy it
  • Having a loving support system of family and friends, each person of which offers a new perspective and new ideas for my happier, fuller life
  • The presence, in the world, of many different faiths and understandings of the Cosmos’ workings.  These offer comfort in times of grief, in situations such as the recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado, and the continuing waste of life and resources in the failed “war on terror”
  • The Quadrennial Summer Olympic Games, which unites athletes from around the world in competition, and which also unites over a billion people watching on television
  • The glorious summer weather we in Maine have enjoyed this week — cloudless skies, cooler temperatures than last week, and a light breeze from the northwest, which sharpens the air and makes objects  far away seem touchable
  • The sense of balance I feel which, even when interrupted by trouble, returns me to a state of content

And one more thing:  I am thankful, in advance, for WordPress’ Happiness Engineers, who will hopefully correct the problem with my bullet and number systems.


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