Heads Up

I will be away from my computer for the next few days — my calves are as big as my thighs, and I have to keep my feet up.  I’ll try and sit for a few minutes a couple of times a day, maybe read some posts.  But I won’t be writing.  I’ll be back as soon as I can!


6 responses to “Heads Up

  1. Sending you healing love, energy and want you to know I’m thinking so much about you. I’m grateful you left this note for us because I actually would have started to freak.

    Please take care honey and do what you are supposed. Keep those legs raised and be good to yourself. I take it you do not have a laptop that you can move with you to sit with your legs raised.
    Although I will miss you I want you to take care.

    Sendiing my love and hugs too, I wiill light my prayer candle in your name tonight~ BB

    • Thank you, Toni. Your encouragement and care are exactly what I have come to treasure — plus your sense of humor, your humility, your smarts, and your intelligence. And more I can’t think of right now — but basically, I’m trying to say that I am so glad you found me at WP, and I am so glad we’ve come to know and appreciate each other. I love you, BB. I am being careful, and waiting for a call from the doc. I will keep you posted. Thanks again for your warm words of encouragement and care! 😎

      • Ditto to finding you, and sweetie I only hang with people who lift me up. You have to have all those same traits you listed for me to be someone who can lift me. And more. There was and is something very spiritual about our friendship, the universe knew what it was doing by guiding me to you.
        Your friendship and support Judith have been a mainstay that I have come to happily rely on almost daily for grins, for deep thoughts, and for your friendship which I value as priceless. We just need to get you well. I love you sweet lady and wish you only the very best. Please do keep me posted, evenif you would rather do it privately via email. Just give me a heads up.

        Big gentle hugs for my blogging sister, I heart you today, and tomorrow, the rest of your life ~ BB

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