My Gratitude List 08/04/12

So many different kinds of things for which to be grateful today.

First, I am grateful that there are still performances that move me to tears — in this time of cyber-wars, and crime bosses, and comic-book villains, I have to look much farther to find movies that make me feel.  I am crying still:  Evita just ended on TV, and there are so many things about that movie that touch me very deeply.

I give great thanks for coming home from the ER yesterday, with no diagnosis, but with a plan of action, which is almost as good.

I am grateful for my family — just tonight, my sister S. talked me out of spending lots of money I didn’t need to spend.  Mom has checked in with me regularly through the last week, while I’ve been (unwisely) sitting around with my feet in the air.  A couple of hours ago, I took the elevator to the 2nd floor, walked the length of that hall, and then took the stairs back up to my floor.  My legs were very sore, as can be expected after sitting around.

I also had the opportunity to enjoy some nice long talks with a couple of my other sisters this weekend.  J, in San Diego county, is doing quite well, although this is the first year in decades that she has had to work twelve full months.  I talked with DC, my schoolteacher sister.  Shameful — she has put 300 hours into preparing a special class, and she only gets paid for 30.  Still, I am thankful that she teaches in a nice small town school — safer that way!

My brother M. offered to build me a computer.  I found I didn’t need it, but I am still very thankful, and I’ll call him tomorrow to tell him so.

My life is good, and I love it, and I love all the different parts and people who make up my life.  I am a very lucky person.

I give great thanks to the universe for helping me learn not to worry about my stats, and to be willing to write less and enjoy other parts of my life more.  That I am doing!

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