Last Week I Learned…

Another week has passed, and Monday is here again, so the time has come to consider the lessons I learned last week.  I do this every week to remind myself to search out new information, and to always be open to the opportunities that come into my life.

I learned last week:

Be sure to contact all appropriate doctors before changing treatments — as I should have, when my legs started swelling last week.  I will know better next time.

That I am not at all satisfied with sitting around watching television.  I used to be; now, if I was forced to sit around for a month, instead of 5 days, I believe I would be MENTAL, as my friend Dotty Headbanger says.

That, as part of the above lesson, I really miss work, and I can’t wait ’til tomorrow to go back.

That I am finally comfortable telling friends when they drive me nuts — not asking them to change, but walking away if I need to.

That I love to write, and that feeling grows every day!

That, with good advice, and after slowing down for a few days, I will always make a smarter purchase.

That I have a support system, (consisting of family, friends, bloggy friends, colleagues, and people I see at work, and people I barely know,) which bolsters my courage and my happiness in thousands of ways, some of which I can’t even name.  You who are reading are part of that group.  I love you all, and I know how fortunate I am!


I love to read your thoughts...

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