Watching History (Almost) As It Happens

FOR ALL YOU SPACE-FANS and other history buffs:

Below is a partial reblog from The Inscider, available at this link or on the Science Channel Home page.  I encourage you to visit there and read the whole blog — it contains links for further information.  And, many thanks to Andi Grill for the post.  Enjoy:

Mars Landing 2012


Get Ready for Mars Landing TONIGHT: Live Video 

By: Andi Grill

NASA Curiosity Rover at Work on Mars


2 responses to “Watching History (Almost) As It Happens

  1. 1:00 Shakira. 1 Pic. 4:00 -7:50 Candice Swanepoel.
    2,3 Pic. 8:00 They are “Girls Aloud”, brithish pop band.

    4 Pic. 10:10 Nina Agdal. 5 Pic. 12:00 Melissa Clarke. 6 Pic.

    14:30 Nina Dobrev. 7 Pic. 8. Don t know. 8 Pic. I do
    anything to? avoid my homework xD

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