Writing for my life

I had an interesting problem with a couple of emails I sent out this week.  I had written a post, entitled Olympic Games, then and now, which Mom believed was worthy of publication in a newspaper.  I agreed, although a little bit reluctantly, and I started by writing to the local Sunday paper, The Maine Sunday Telegram.  When that editor didn’t respond, I dropped my expectations a little, and submitted the piece to The Coastal Journal, a local weekly free paper.

In both cover letters, I introduced myself as a reader of the editor’s publication;  then I wrote, “I’m a local writer and poet.”  I stopped, and read that sentence again.  And Again.  And over and over, wondering if I should leave it in, or start erasing.  I know I am a writer, and a poet; I was worried that readers might ask what I have written.  My problem is, without any third-partner publications, I feel (here we go again!) people won’t take me seriously.

So I puzzled, questioning my own chutzpa and wondering about reactions.  Directly, I remembered I don’t allow those kinds of questions hurt me, (with thanks to Don Miguel Ruiz and his book, The Four Agreements.)  That made me smile, and so I concluded my letter and sent it off, and, a few days later, I sent the other, with a far easier mind.  I have absolutely no idea what the second editor will say, and now, I don’t mind very much at all.


7 responses to “Writing for my life

  1. It only matters what you believe, and what you think of yourself as. A writer? Yes, I beleive you are. But does my belief carry the weight you need to believe it yourself? I doubt t, because that belief has got to come from isndie you to be real and anything of real value.

    I say Brava you for taking the risk, What is the worst that can happen> They will say no. But if it’s a No you have that unless you had not stepped forward you would not have even had that. And it just might be yes!! I believe it ill be yes because I see the awesome writer that you are. But again it does not matter until you see it in yourself.

    Fingers and toes crossed ~ BB

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  3. I’ve spent years considering myself to BE a writer, but shied away from using it as a descriptor until ten months ago, when I started doing it full-time. Or maybe I should say… ten months ago, when I started blogging. It may actually be the latter (writing regularly, and having readers, and interacting with them) that finally freed me to SAY it, even more than doing it for money. Well, whatever got me there, I’m happy now to feel ABLE to say it–and I’m celebrating your (well-earned!) use of the word yourself. Kudos, Sister! 🙂

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