Another reblog from the Barefoot Baroness — this one concerning her new venture aiding the finding of missing children, and adding notes and instructions about how not to be grabbed. Thanks, BB — you are a wonderful person!

Barefoot Baroness

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Keep Your Eyes Open and peering this way for YOUR SNEAK PREVIEW!

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  1. In the context of this aremngut, I feel that books are left in an ambivalent position. I enjoy reading as I should since I’m currently an English Literature Student at university. I find sitting down with a nice cuppa and a book quite satisfying.The key focus here should be ‘reading is vital to learning’. People learn in a variety of ways though and crediting books as the sole source of mental maturation educationally or otherwise is a bit silly. Translating books to virtual formats, making them not only accessible to the younger generation but more appealing, might be a good solution.

    • Hi, Ali. Thanks for the comment. I think I misspoke. What I should have said was that reading books are vital to the maturation of anyone into a whole person — educationally, socially, philosophically. Think of people you know who don’t read. They have an entire feature for evaluating life missing. This doesn’t make them bad, but it does leave them incomplete. Virtual books, I am still undecided. I’ll know when I get a chance to read one. 😎

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