My Gratitude List 08/11/2012

I love Saturdays — Saturday is when I post my Gratitude List.  Today, I am grateful for:

Mom’s willingness to sit and listen to me moan about setbacks.  Thank you, Mom

The publicly-funded Medicare and Mainecare insurance programs that pay for most of my healthcare and prescriptions.  Without them, I would be completely lost, and likely not even around to write this list.

All of my family, for their support and willingness to understand when I am in the dumps, as well as when I’m happy.

The makers of Prozac and Wellbutrin, whose products keep me alive and sane and functioning.

My medical caregivers, who are patient and willing to work for me and with me when I go off the wagon, and even off the trail altogether.

My niece E. and her family, who have sold their house in Iowa, and are moving to SC, where Grammy sister S. lives.

My dear friend D., for buying my new black desk chair, Spot.  I love him to pieces, and I love you too, D.

My boss, manager, and co-workers, who catch the slack when I am not at work, and welcome me when I come back.

For my friends, T. and F., who have both been helpful to me in many ways.

I am sure I have other people to thank, and reasons to be thankful.  But they will have to come to me another day.  My gratitude lifts me up once again!


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