Last Week I Learned

  • That I cannot just snap my fingers and feel cheerful all at once.  When I am feeling low, I will need to use a lot of little techniques to bring myself back — among them, exercise, attention paid to my oral meds, spending time with my family and friends, and above all, I must have patience.
  • That parting with old, unusable property is not as hard as I thought it would be; I simply made up my mind, and I have emptied my shelves of VHS tapes.  I called the local video store, the library and their bookstore, Salvation Army, and I have offered them to friends and family — no one is interested.  So tomorrow, after the dumpster has been emptied, into the trash they go.
  • That I am far more resilient than I believed I would be.  My swollen legs are no better, but by keeping them elevated, whenever I sit, I can still walk well on them.
  • That I am happy, and even when I feel sad, I know I am rooted in that contented place.

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