My Grammy’s Legacy

100-Word Challenge for Grown Ups

Julia, of Julia’s Place, has presented the prompt for 100-Word Challenge for Grown-ups (100-WCGU) for this week:  Legacy.  This challenge is an exercise in choosing the right words, and no more than necessary.  Here is my effort for this week:

Legacy:  (Law). a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; a bequest.  That bracelet Grammy wore all her life, that my sister snatched right out of my hands, when she arrived, late, to help clean out Grammy’s apartment; or the dozens of diaries my cousin is sorting through, hoping to make a book about Grammy’s life; or the Brown House, the family homestead, on the road through Georgetown, which my uncle’s family painted gray, almost the hour after the funeral.  This is my first time as executor, and this legacy is such a mess; I’d so rather have Grammy here.


8 responses to “My Grammy’s Legacy

  1. It’s not fun beiing the executor. My husband’s mother asked me. How do you say no? I thankfully had no siblings to deal with (that was in my own’s mom case but she had no real estate)
    In my case I have a will, I have spoke to all the kids, What is worrisome to me are things like family photos, diaries, things that hold no real monetary value to a probate judge but are more valuable than the entire estate.

    Great job getting to the core issue straight away and staying within your minimum. Miss Chatty, me, would do so poorly on that challenge. What great excercise though.

    Hope you’ve had glorious week my friend! Love you lil sis ~ BB

    • Hi, TJ. I was cut off from the computer by my old behavior, but now I am writing about that. You have that glorious weekend, too — I’ll be thinking of you, in the gorgeous Oregon weather, while I sit inside the house with my foot on top of every pillow I own. Have fun, and I’ll read posts as soon as I can!

      Love you, big sister bibling,

      Judith 😎

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