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My scammer story is quite similar to Toni’s, except that along with wanting gifts, the man used romance to hook me. One of the most important clues, as Toni says, is the lack of English grammar and punctuation by the author of the letter — you can be sure that a company like PCH will proofread. Lastly, if the scammer thinks he can do it, he will keep you as an ongoing victim, by changing profiles, company, etc. My scammer tried 3 times — I even found some of the terms he used on a page of words to get someone’s attention and keep it. Beware!

Barefoot Baroness

If you are a follower of this blog you will have read the post I did on Publishers Clearing House (PCH) scams. If not :

That post was seen just by chance by a PCH Agent. This person who saw my post is one of the people who could possibly show up at your day one day with the BIG CHECK.  But you have to enter first before this can even be a possibility.

Through a series of comments I was asked if I would be willing to be interviewed by another PCH representative who writes their blog. Yes, even PCH has its own blog. Shouldn’t everybody? I accepted immedietly feeling that it would help spread the warning even more. That was the purpose of intial post in the firsst place.

I thought it would be fun to share it here. It was a positive experience, and it helps drive my pointhomethat people need to…

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  1. Wow!WJudith! I wished I’d known, I’d have mentioned this in both my post and the intervie post. If you’d like the fraud dept # fpr PCh I have it. They may know about this kind of ploy, and they may not. what is more important is that you are warning women. We are the vulnerable gender for a reason and creeps like that who prey on women make me even more angry.

    uurrgghh!! Big blogging sis lion in me comes out…

    Thanks so much too for the reblog. You are so good to me. It’s awesome being your bibling! ~ BB

    • I’ll write a post with the details. Once burned, twice shy, though. That’s one of the main reasons I avoid social media like the plague that it is! You’re welcome for the reblog, and thanks for telling me about the lion! XOXOXO Me 😎

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