Six Word Saturday — 08/18/12

Every Saturday, I participate in the challenge of Six Word Saturday,

Six-Word Saturday
From ShowMyFace

the fun-filled task set up by Show My Face.

At first, this was kind of a throw-off, and any six words would do; not too long before I started taking it quite seriously.  Many thanks to the people at Show My Face for this great challenge.  My six words for this week:

I feel a familiar fire inside

4 responses to “Six Word Saturday — 08/18/12

  1. O My Judith, this is the most fabulous Six-Word from you yet I do believe. In my time anyway. Could have penned any more perfect of one for youself? I think not
    I sense in your words an energy that says you’re feeling better(?)

    Keep those home fires burning sweetie, the light of the flames looks good on you~ BB

    • I am feeling better, sweetie — I just had a lovely nap, and I have a poem orr two running around in my head. Thank you for picking up on this, not that I’m at all surprised. I’ll get over to yours when I start on my 70-post email. I won’t read all, but yours — you bet.
      Love you, big sis!

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