A little touch of magic in my life

I am not going to say this is a miracle, the near-miraculous thing that is happening tonight.  The woman involved is the closest person I know to a miracle worker, but mostly I think it’s more her extremely open and talented mind, and her willingness to create a little magic here and there.

Mom has a friend, R., who has always been an archetypal Renaissance woman; she keeps a beautiful garden and landscapes a large lot of land about 40 minutes’ drive from here.  Everything she touches turns to gold.  She makes her own stone walls, fosters a peach tree so overloaded that the branches must be supported from the ground; she keeps bees, and bakes anything in the imagination, including artisan breads which, (rumor has it), are absolutely scrumptious; she can converse on any level with almost anyone who crosses her path.  She is an amazing friend to my mom, and I know that long periods of time can pass, after which they meet and practically resume the conversation where they left it.  Or so it feels.

One product that comes from R.’s kitchen is a plantain salve for itchy sores.

This is a plantain in Maine

Not plantain the woody banana, but plantain, a small broad-leafed weed that grows everywhere in Maine.  R. uses the essence of this plant, along with extra extra virgin olive oil, and bee’s wax, to make a waxy solid similar in texture to a certain chapped lip balm that comes in a stick.  Rub it on the sore or itchy spot, and watch the magic happen.

I’m not just talking; I am using this salve right now, and watching the sores all over my body heal as we speak.  And to show that I am not crazy, I took pictures two hours ago, and I’ll take some now, to show the difference.  I swear I’m not hallucinating, although I haven’t had any sleep.  (Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows that I dreamed up some strange hallucinations, due to sleep deprivation .)  Wait until you see the pictures!

This is the same spot after treatment with the salve, about 2 hours ago

This is a sore on my leg, about 2 hours ago

Quite a difference, isn’t it?   I started getting this kind of ulcer when I was 18.  Back then, I thought nothing of needing 6 months to heal one of these.  I wish I had R.’s plantain salve then!

…and again, 2 hours later

These photos are fuzzy, because I tremble a little, but I think you can see the distinction.

Same story — 2 hours ago

I’ve been lucky enough to have received some medical miracles in my day — my heart surgery, my participation in that cardiac research study, and the very epiphany that I experienced shortly before I started this blog are just a few.  So what else can I say, except Hooray, and Yay, and Hallelujah!


11 responses to “A little touch of magic in my life

  1. Oh Yeah!! And some more happy screams of delight!

    Have Salvia in my herb garden. it’s an amzing herbel remed. I love your mom’s friend. she so sounds like an authentic treasure. It is from someone much like her that helped me start my first herb garden for medicnes, and she taught me how to make preperations and tinctures.

    Priceless, this plant grows like a weed, no special care. Then it’s there.

    Modern medicne is nothing without women like her and her knowledge.

    • Isn’t this amazing. My legs look better today than they did last night. This is the little weed I used to play with when I was sitting around, not doing anything else. R. is so amazing. I’ll post more today. Your happy screams are right along with mine! XOXOXO

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