Update on Todd Akin Email Bomb

I have no qualms in telling you that, since Akin is not receiving emails from anyone but the second District of Missouri, my address is now in Chesterfield, MO  63017.  He is also not taking calls at his office — mailbox is full, but the number is 202-225-2561.  Finally, his fax number, which doesn’t have a mailbox to get full, is 202-225-2563.  Even if he never reads or hears a word, we will be distracting his staff from telling the world what a great American he is.  Thanks!


2 responses to “Update on Todd Akin Email Bomb

  1. Girlfriend I do not want to ever tick you off-that being said I so love you! You are a lady after this rebels heart.
    I have never tweeted anyone else’s post, so rarely use my twitter accnt I had to do a password retrieval to tweet this post.
    I”ve reblogged your first post and am doing the same. Now tell me, how in the “L” do I get a MO address? You are amazing.
    I am your #1 fan and when you want to run for office I will move back east to be your nmanager.

    • Not amazing — well-meaningly dishonest. But I don’t understand about the twitter thing — I haven’t gotten on there yet. Thanks mucho for the reblogs. As you can see, I have now withdrawn my “MO” address and told him who I am. I’m never running for office — too many parties in my background. But Thanks for the offer — I would have loved it!

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