To Rep. Todd Akin

This morning I received an automated email from Akin’s office.  It got me thinking.  By reacting dishonestly in the face of his unscientific and, frankly, uneducated remarks, I stooped to the level of some conservative politicians and radio talk show hosts.  Below is a copy of my reply to Rep. Akin’s email:

Representative Akin,

 I sent an email last night regarding your statement on legitimate rape, and rape victims not getting pregnant.  In order to get it through to your office, I listed my address as Chesterfield, MO.  I was wrong to deceive you and your staff this way, and I apologize.  As a member of the Democratic party, I would never resort to subterfuge, except in cases when severely provoked.

 Again, my apologies.


 Judith Atwood

Resident of the 1st Congressional District of Maine


2 responses to “To Rep. Todd Akin

  1. You are brlliant! In righting a …ahem..wrong.. youhave enacted truth and yet your statement stands even louder.
    I’ll not wanting that tip on a MO address not so much now.

    I so admire you my friend and democratic sister. ~ BB

    • Oh, c’mon, where’s your taste for acting like a Republican? In other words, your lying, cheating, conniving, Un-Constitutionally flavored gifts to people like Reprehensible Akin? No, we’re better than that!

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