My Gratitude List 08/25/12

Well.  It’s Saturday again already — this week went by so quickly, I’m hard-pressed to separate different events.  But I always write this Gratitude List on Saturdays, so here goes.

1.  First, something for which I am not grateful.  Dad and I had an argument, based on my very sharp and strong reply to one of his anti-Obama emails.  Sad.

2. I am tremendously grateful to my mother’s friend, R.  She has given me a salve, made from a common weed, which helps my ulcers to heal.  They have responded immediately to the salve, an amazing healing process, especially as compared with past healing times.  Sadly, the express purpose of the salve is to stop itching, and that is the one thing it isn’t doing.  My Morgellan’s is acting up, and each new pair of follicles affected begins by itching almost uncontrollably.  Still, this salve is miraculous, or nearly so — I could almost see the sores closing up.  Thank you, R.!  And thank you, Mom, for letting her know I needed it.

3.  Today my mom gave me one of her recliners, so that I may get away from the desk chair every once-in-a-while.  I love both chairs, but where I must keep my feet elevated, I change the fit of the lumbar support mechanism.  I tried sitting at the desk without my feet up, and the blisters and the itching were so bad after an hour, I had to stop.

4.  I am exceedingly grateful that my niece MV. is safely off to college, to a place she really likes.  I am so proud of her.  My sister, J. is doing the empty-nest thing very well, but I know she’s hurting a lot inside.  I’m sending you great big hugs, J.!  In addition, I am thankful for all of my family, and I wish for each of them peace and a fulfilling week!  Love you guys!

5.  I am grateful that the swelling in my legs is not getting worse.  I saw my PCP yesterday, and he has given me an open referral for the wound clinic.  That’s a good thing, because I cannot get an appointment there on my own.  She’s scrambling as it is.  The last time I went to the wound clinic, nurse Patsy made me an Unna boot, and I healed quickly as a result.

6.  I had a lovely dinner at a local Chinese restaurant with my friend, F.  We each ended up taking a big box home — I’m still eating that chicken, days later, but it tastes great! He will be helping me with my new desk.  And my friend TGT, who basically muscled this recliner over here.  Thanks to you both, guys!

I’m sure I have many more subjects for gratitude in my life, but I’ve hit most of the high notes.  In spite of everything, I am a lucky woman, to be alive.


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