Six-Word Saturday 08/25/08

Time once again for Six-Word Saturday,

a weekly challenge brought to us by Show My Face.  In this challenge, we are asked to describe our life in six words,

a terrific exercise in editing and word choice. I never know what I’m coming up with until I’m done.  Here is Six-Word Saturday:

Found THAT doctor.  Got his address.

For my new readers, this is the backstory —

I was diagnosed with diabetes at age fourteen, in 1974.  The diagnosing doctor told me what I’m sure he believed was a casual remark — that I would die while I was still very young.  I don’t know if he ever realized the impact his words would have; such a life-change.  Even at fourteen, I gave up so many different events in my life, due to the depressing impact of his off-the-cuff remark.  He sat on my shoulder for decades, reminding me that nothing mattered.

The nurse at my PCP gave me the address — our group just bought his group.  I am thinking about that letter, and I will send it.  But not the screaming, raving angry letter I would have written a couple of years ago.  Rather, it will be a calm, quiet letter reminding him of how his comment changed my life, forever.

[N.B.  4/28/2013:  I didn’t send that letter — I have gotten angry with him all over again, after Mom told me that he told them not to get involved with my diabetes at all.  No wonder I felt so alone — I was, because Mom and Dad were following the doc’s orders.  RRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!]


6 responses to “Six-Word Saturday 08/25/08

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  2. Perfect. No ranting letter you’re right. Point out that they cannot fix an awful wrong if they did not realize it or know about it. This should never happen to another child ever!.
    I am just now learning that I have no right to expect that other people not make mistakes.

    Hugging you Girl ~ BB

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