Lunatic Fringe

I could guess why this song’s been rolling around in my mind.  Whoever made this video seems not to have read the lyrics — seems they thought the lunatic fringe belonged to really cool people.  Not my take on it.  Below are the lyrics. I’ll just say this is a 1981 tune by the Canadian band, Red Rider, from their 1981 album, As Far As Siam.  Here is Lunatic Fringe:


Red Rider – Lunatic Fringe Lyrics

Artist: Red Rider

  • Songwriters: Tom Cochrane

Lunatic fringe
I know you’re out there
You’re in hiding
And you hold your meetings

I can hear you coming
We know what you’re after
We’re wise to you this time
We won’t let you kill the laughter

Lunatic fringe
In the twilight’s last gleaming
This is open season
But you won’t get too far

‘Cause you gotta blame someone
For your own confusion
But I’m on guard this time
Against your final solution

We can hear you coming
No you’re not going to win this time
We can hear the footsteps
Out along the walkway

Lunatic fringe
We all know you’re out there
Can you feel the resistance?
Can you feel the thunder?



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