Clearing out the cobwebs

I have a tall bookshelf in my living room, which used to hold my extra video tapes and my CDs.  I also had a stash of miscellaneous books and school assignments, from my different attempts at college.  A note:  none of the papers was written on a word processor or computer.  Each of them was hand-written, corrected, and then typed, with a typewriter.

I have enjoyed browsing back through those paper memories — one way in which I stayed upbeat throughout my life was through academics — I am a born student.  I read back over some of these essays, and I am impressed with my own work; that which took place when I was 29 and 30, and a student at the seminary.  I had, by that time, honed my intellect to its high point.  I’m there no longer, but I will be there again — my promise to myself.

So I find myself in need of a plan.  My mind has been filled with cobwebs for years, and I want to dust all of those corners.  I have kept busy over the years with Sudoku, which I love, but after 4 years in the easy mode, I need to step it up.  I am once again considering Adult Ed. classes, and perhaps even teaching a class descriptive writing.  There’s a goal for which to aim!

Now, to choose what I want to be when I grow up.


8 responses to “Clearing out the cobwebs

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  2. Ahh.. yes Jude, always the journey. Never the destination.
    You can do anything you want, be where you want, just keeping believing in hopes in dreams. This universe has a purpose for you, that is why we walk these jouney. .
    You Go Girl!

  3. Go for it Judith! I’m sitting here waiting for an answer to another application I submitted… there’s a post in draft form – waiting for the final answer 🙂

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