Keystone Progress Daily Funnies 8/29/12

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Good morning!  August 29, 2012 (To view the funnies full size, click on the image or go to

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6 responses to “Keystone Progress Daily Funnies 8/29/12

  1. Oh, and my lovely bride remarked how offensive it was to essentially be labelled a “Stepford Wife” by someone who has never met her and knows essentially nothing about her. For what it’s worth.

  2. I can assure you, gkinnard, my lovely bride is anything but “in her place” and “nice and servile.” However, you demonstrate my point nicely by using a silly stereotype to paint me with attributes you can’t possibly know. I am a Republican but, somehow, I don’t resemble any of the modern accusations of “racist, homophobe, bigot” that are hurled so easily by those who love broad-brush painting.

    I’m having such fun with all of the “they” comments, as if everyone on one side of the aisle is uniformly one way. Anyone who actually believes in civility (or even cordiality) would never make such comments and should politely ignore others that do. Cheers.

    • Hi Mark. Of course you are not a misogynist, but you must admit that very visible members of your party are coming across that way — no, you don’t have to admit that; it’s strictly my opinion. I must say, though, that recent headlines support the possibility. Hope you and L. and the family are well.

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