Lobster Supper at the Wharf

Mom and I just returned from a lovely end-of-summer celebration, a lobster supper on the wharf  in Five Islands, Maine, at the end of Georgetown Island.  We were joined by far more people from elsewhere than by locals, all though I did meet one resident of Five Islands, who was standing next to me taking pictures. (The photos are dark — best I could do with my cell phone.)

On the wharf at Five Islands, Maine

The parking lot was loaded with cars from Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Florida — and on and on.  One time down there I saw a car from Alaska; I thought, “That’s a long way to drive for lobster, when you have fresh king crab at your local wharf.”

From the Wharf in Five Islands

We both ordered lobster for dinner, and we split some onion rings while we were waiting.  Five Islands is also the only local place I know of that carries Stewart sodas:  I had diet root beer — delicious, and Mom had cream soda, equally delicious.  While we were sitting at one of the picnic tables, I decided to go to the edge of the wharf and take some photos.  Our lobsters were brought to us just when the sky opened — we ran for a place under the awning, and were treated to a fantastic downpour, complete with close lightning, and thunder which rolled around the harbor between the islands.  I thought I was shooting a video, but it was my first, and I missed a step on the camera.  It was a lovely thunderstorm — a real gully-washer — and the storm was over just as we finished our meal.

Nothing beats a Maine lobster, steamed by people who steam thousands each year, and measure the time down to the second.

One more from the Wharf, Five Islands, Maine

Living in Maine includes great seafood as part of the perk package — tonight was no different.

Five Islands Lobster was featured on the Food channel, in magazines, on one of the morning news programs, and has a reputation spread by word-of-mouth as well.  At other tourist-oriented restaurants in the area, one pays $25-$30 for a one-lobster dinner.  We saw a woman walk away with 9 big lobsters in a bag for $100.  That’s only just over $10 per lobster — a wonderful price.  Besides, you know the lobster is fresh, because you eat it on the same wharf where the lobstermen bring the day’s catch for the restaurant.  A big bonus:  these fresh lobsters taste like the Atlantic Ocean — so yummy.

Today, our weather was supposed to have peaked around 90℉, with awful humidity, but the clouds never broke, the sun never came through, and the temp down at the wharf was 70℉.  Despite the clouds and the rain — no, including the clouds and the rain, the wharf looked lovely, and smelled of mud and salt water and seaweed and low tide and gull shit and steaming lobsters and melted butter and corn on the cob, and all the other funky smells that make a Maine wharf so special.

This truly was an end-of-summer celebration, complete with a light show, and dinner, and very good company.  I can’t wait for next year.  I’ll bring a better camera.


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