Medicare and Romney/Ryan (my opinion, that is.)

I have finally begun to watch some news, and listen to some of the programs on Current TV.  I did this at the suggestion of my dad, and now that I have listened to them and other newscasts, I am more convinced than ever that the Democratic Party  is fronting the better candidates this year.

I never expected to see myself without regular medical insurance; with no transportation; living more than $6,000 below the poverty line, (and squeezing every dollar till it chokes to get the most I can out of it.  With food prices double what they were a year ago, and with no end in sight for that little problem, I am ending up eating crappier, cheaper food, more processed and with more chemicals and salt, and lower nutritional value.)

What do others do, who find themselves in this predicament?  I will vote Democratic — Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare will cut me off until I’m 55, regardless of disability.  I rely on Medicaid for transportation to appointments.   My medical bills, including prescriptions, come to somewhere around $1000, and that is with Medicare prices and Mainecare (Maine Medicare) chipping in.

I can’t pay them, and my family cannot offer the amount I need — they are being hit just as hard as I am.  I know of no volunteer agency that has enough money, and I don’t belong to the church anymore.  Even if I did, no single church in Bath could afford to pay that bill.  Do I ignore my health altogether until I am 55?  I got away with that once — I don’t think I can do it twice.

By the end of the Republican National Convention, I knew three things:  1) That I don’t trust a single person running for office in that party to be elected as my representative.  The petroleum industry and other wealthy corporations support Mitt Romney, because they know he’ll allow the economy to slough off the poor, and ignore the middle class, in favor of the very rich.  My dad told me he thinks Obama is deliberately running this nation into the ground. I believe a Romney/Ryan regime would do the same for all but those wealthy people and corporations.

2)  That Mitt Romney is courting big corporations to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars each, in campaign funds.  I cannot imagine how he believes, or how his party believes that he will do anything with lower- and middle-financial-class people besides make them poorer and less well-insured.  And that Mitt Romney’s personal finances are tucked away in Switzerland, the Grand Cayman Islands, and Bermuda, to name a few.  Does that sound like a man who wants to help build the U.S. economy?  Not to me.

3)I know that I don’t trust the level of intelligence in the Republican party, or the conservative side of the country, as much as I trust the Democratic party, and the liberal side.  I know I am generalizing, and I’m sure not all Republicans and conservatives have lower IQs, but I could certainly name enough of them to use all my fingers and toes.  Lower IQs, that is, when one considers that the lion’s share of the conservatives are trying to help, push, and pray this country back into the 1950s — with the exceptional fact that they will not support the middle class, but will make them poor.  Pay working women less, so they’ll go home and stay with the kids; take away a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, and ban abortion, EVEN in cases of rape and incest, or when the mother’s life is threatened;  encourage the use of petroleum for fuel for cars, fuel for heat, and petroleum for the millions of plastic products which first became to popular with Tupperware in that less-informed society, and which are still polluting our landfills, oceans, and transfer stations; encouraging more of the same unfair, and in some cases dishonest, behavior on Wall St. while ignoring the common citizens’ cry for accountability and responsibility.

The number of Americans who don’t recycle plastic is appalling:  13 percent of Americans refuse to recycle anything, and only 50% of Americans recycle daily.  The people who recycle are college graduates, seniors, and citizens who live in the Northeast and Western parts of the states.  The chart below shows voters’ opinions on which party, (by percentage,) has understanding for each group.

The first question comes from the NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey released on Tuesday (it’s question number 27). It read:

When it comes to (READ ITEM), which party do you feel is most attuned and sensitive to issues that affect this group.

Here is the list of items the poll-takers read and the way people answered:


9 responses to “Medicare and Romney/Ryan (my opinion, that is.)

  1. BTW, I calculated that roughly 37 million don’t recycle. To put into perspective for me, that’s 7 times Finland’s population, where just about everybody recycles (and we’re socialists – so they say 🙂 )

  2. While I won’t pretend to know so much in detail about the upcoming election, I will say as an outsider looking in, it’s really quite frightening to hear some of the promises and claims being thrown about. May reason prevail come November.

  3. It’s a very personal election, isn’t it? Everything that helps damn good folks like you—social services, safety-net programs, healthcare, transportation, food assistnace, financial assistance—can’t be run out of church basements by volunteers and [rich-ass] donors. Government is necessary!

    • And once again, AMEN, my friend. What the hell is wrong with our parents’ generation and their devil spawn conservatives. (Well, not all devil spawn, just the conservative devil spawn!)

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