Star Stuff

I saw a program on The Science Channel today:

The Science Channel

 Wonders of the Universe —  The Children of the Stars.  The title referred to the fact that everything on earth, including us, was created in the center of a star.  The cricket that’s driving me crazy, the bacteria living on my skin, the dirt under my feet, the gold and silver and all the base metals from which my jewelry is made — all of these, and everything else which is part of this earth, was originally born in a star.

Isn’t that a wonderful notion?  When I look at the sky at night, and see the billions of stars overhead, I feel like magic must be touching me, that I came from one of those.  For millennia, humans have looked at the night sky and the stars; only recently, in terms of the history of humans, have we understood that there in the sky is the site of our birth.  I love the idea of being made of star stuff — seems to me that most everyone would.

Those stars that birthed the elements of which we are made are hot, roiling balls of gas, and I know at times that I feel all the heat of a star in my heart and mind:  anger, passion, love, frustration, all feel to me like the power of the star that was my parent.  I feel as though all I would need is the spark, to burst into flame, as do the stars that reach a certain size and activity within.  This wild burning is, to me at least, part of being the child of a star.

The Children of the Stars

But stars are also spread through space, through the frozen nothingness of the billions of miles between the stars.  I have felt this, too — the utter desolation of sadness, doubt, loss, and despair.  These feelings are, to me, also part of the nature of the star which birthed me.  And then there are the times when we

cook along nicely through our lives — as our own star does during this part of its life cycle.

All of my physical and emotional characteristics are based, in one way or another, in the cosmos, and each tiny little spark of life is a microcosm of our universe in all its complexity and beauty and power and wonder.

So these  feelings fill me, and when I consider myself as a child of the stars, I am grateful for the wide variety and the sameness of the universe, of which I know I am an integral part.  I am, and we all are, wonders of the universe.


8 responses to “Star Stuff

  1. Dear Judith,

    I love the Wonders of the Universe series – someone bought me the box set last Christmas because I’d accidentally deleted an episode from my telly-box library before I could record it all onto DVD myself. 🙂

    Love Dotty xxx

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