How Presidents speak

A blogger friend of mine, elroyjones, wrote a post called Housekeeping, in which she praised President Obama’s eloquence, sincerity, and humility.  It’s a very good post.  In it, she, (very tastefully and with no confrontational language,) mentions The Decider, which link offers a very long list of quotes from President George W. Bush.  Before you go to the link, here are a few in verbal form from the man himself, to kick-start your appreciation.


Now, in order to preserve fairness, I offer this link, with its multiple examples of Obama gaffes and forgotten words.  Most of them are nasty presentations by Fox News, or individuals of the same ilk — one clip is blatantly anti-Jewish, in a truly disgusting set of statements, in a clip with a big lie in the title.  The lie in the title prompted me to listen to the clip; I had trouble believing Obama would say such a thing.  And of course, he didn’t.  One more indication that conservative radio and television broadcasters are willing to say anything, whether it is true or not.  This is an extremely unpleasant few minutes, so think before you watch.  In fact, here it is:


3 responses to “How Presidents speak

  1. A bad day with Obama is better than any ten good days with GWB!

    Over time I’ve chosen to cut The Decider some slack. The man is simply not very smart. He spent a lot of his tenure clueless, but I’m conceived the man believed in himself and the [rather poor] job he was doing. I lay more blame at the feet of Cheney, Rove, Rush, Beck, and the FOX cast of thousands: THEY knew exactly what they were doing.

    • Of course, you’re right. He just isn’t very smart at all. What really kills me is that Rove, Cheney, et al, chose such a man to be their spokesperson. Dumb move on the part of some wickedly, evilly smart people.

  2. I despise the POTUS elections. I vote, but my choice is not made from sound bites and as you nasty digs where again content is removed to best the broadcasters point. and I will not rely on a broadcaster to dictate what i know and don’t know.
    Whewwww… that felt good my sis! ~ BB

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