Today, 09/08/2012, I am grateful for:

Today, I’m grateful for so many things.  I am grateful for this life — with all its crazy ups and downs, my life provides me with incredible events and people and circumstances every day.  I am experiencing a bit of health trouble, but I am not frozen in panic, as I would have been earlier in my life.  I have my nervous moments — I’ll never get over those — but overall, I am content with my life, and actually happy a lot of the time.

I am grateful for the health of my family, as well.  Sister S. recently needed dental surgery, and I am holding my breath, waiting to hear that she’s doing all right.  My sister J., in Poway, California, has just sent my adorable niece off to college.  J. is doing okay, staying busy with work, and her daughter is settling into school.  Go for it, M.V.  I’m cheering for you.

My dad continues to manage his Type II diabetes with diet and exercise, which is of course very impressive to me.  Mom has a new treadmill, and she’s added walking to her daily activities — I am very, very proud of her, and happy for her — way to go, Mom!!  The rest of my family is fine, as well.  We are very lucky, and I include myself in that.

I am grateful for the opportunity to watch the two major political conventions over the last couple of weeks — an excellent way to compare both the candidates and the people who support them.  I am happy to say that my party came across as far more interested in common people, and more willing to include the poor in  a plan for economic growth for everyone.  In fact, upon listening carefully to the other party’s convention, I am convinced that the leading politicians in that party want the poor and disabled people of this country to feel guilty — as if we were in these circumstances because we want to be.  I am, of course, very distressed over the millions of dollars flooding the Republican election coffers — this money comes from big corporations, and if he wins, Romney will be beholden to those corporations, rather than to the American people of every strata.  This practice is, to me, a very inappropriate and un-American way to go about raising money for election to the Presidency.

I am thankful for my friends, both those who live in the blogoverse, and those I  spend time with here in my town.  My friend D. is starting a couple of new Dream Team cycles, and I will be participating in one of them.  For those of you who may not know, Dream Team was my vehicle for starting this blog, and a second Dream Team for my other blog,  I am anxious to see what new dream comes to me through this process.

My friend F. and one of his friends, J., put my desk together this week — they did a beautiful job, and I chose well, considering the tiny photo and small amount of information available online when I bought it.  In addition, F. and I have worked out a system to both our benefits; We run errands together; he provides the wheels, and I do the running in and out of the car.  We also did our grocery shopping yesterday, and he drives me to some of my appointments.  We think alike, and our conversations are always lively and interesting.  He is a terrific friend, and our little system is working out just fine.  Thanks, F.

I am grateful for the gorgeous weather we are experiencing, as summer fades and autumn approaches.  Early autumn in Maine is a wondrous time — clear blue skies and temperate days, with cooler nights.  A lovely season, and now it’s here.

I have so much to be grateful for — I couldn’t possibly list every reason.  My gratitude extends to all of my friends here on WP, as well.  I can’t list them all; they are so many.  I am truly a lucky woman.


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