Kandinsky: Improvisation on a Deluge

I have a very odd print on my wall.  It is an abstract, and nearly impossible to decipher.  But just today, something jumped out at me, and then the whole picture fell into place.  (I’ve finished this post, and I walked over to get the artist’s name, which is Wassily Wasilyevich Kandinsky.   I think I missed on the general concept, but that is what makes this such fun!)

The painting has two large figures and two smaller figures.  The larger figures are facing each other, with their foreheads touching, as though caught at an intimate musical moment.  The figure on the right is in profile.  She has a long straight neck, dark hair.  She is wearing a funky red earring with black strips, and her eyes are closed; she looks at peace.

The other large figure is facing right, and he is holding a stringed instrument; it may be a violin, (as he seems to be holding a bow across his chest,) but feels more like a guitar or banjo.  His eyes are also closed, as he touches his forehead to the woman’s; he looks quite beatific.  His face, a curved nose and a mustache, and a very sharp chin; looks like he’s blushing. He’s strumming the guitar/banjo/other stringed instrument in his right hand, and his left lower arm is holding the bow mentioned earlier.

As I write, I see more and more going on in this print.  What I thought was a tambourine, being played by the woman, is actually a face — a young girl.  Her cheeks are flushed, and she’s wearing a pony tail.  She looks a little sad, or perhaps concerned is a better term.  She’s wearing a dark sleeveless top; she’s holding a baby, and the baby is crying.

This is the hardest character to see.  Look at the little girl, and picture her holding a baby.  The baby’s face is half in shadow, but his eyes are closed and his mouth is wide open in a wail of sadness.  He is not a newborn — maybe a year old.  His head rests on his big sister’s right shoulder.  He’s wrapped in a brown blanket of sorts, and his sister is holding him out to her parents.

All that leaves is the dinosaur, with a hole in his midriff, holding a microphone.  I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.  Do you?  Do you see the same family, or another, completely different subject for the painting.  Here is a copy of the print — have at it, and enjoy.

( I am finishing my final proof, and I’m seeing an entirely different print.  Ah, well; that’s for another day.



6 responses to “Kandinsky: Improvisation on a Deluge

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  2. I’ve got the two larger figures which you describe perfectly…on the hunt for the girl and the baby. This is a fascinating exercise!!!

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