Just Thinking…

Earth is our home.  As so much science about our planet states, the earth is an ideal site to support life — an atmosphere which protects us from deadly solar radiations, a force inimical to living beings.  The magnetic field surrounding our planet protects the entire planet from solar flares which might wipe out many of the earth’s species.  We have a life-friendly combination of water and land, and we have a GIANT moon, in relation to other moons in our Solar System, which affects gravity, Earth’s speed of rotation, and tides.  Earth is as close to perfect as it could be, to support sentient life — us.

As stated today on How The Universe Works:  Alien Solar Systems, the larger planets, farther out from the sun, benefit life on Earth by their very size.  Their gravity protects us from most asteroids, and the dirty icy snowballs of the Oort cloud which become comets as they near the sun.  When any of those asteroids, comets, and other  pieces of space flotsam takes a dive toward the earth, anything from a crater in a field, to a planetoid with a skewed orbit heading for us, affects the earth as easily as bumping into another person can affect a straight path.

Now, here we sit — I feel like I have a part of this formula.  I aim to live according to a set of morals and ethics I’ve developed over the years.  I am living a far better life than the one I used to know.  I intend to continue to improve this world in any way I can:  advocating peace, thoughtful existence in balance with Earth, and continue to love the rest of the world’s creatures.  But I also have a long way to go, particularly in the parts of my life related to my health. Regardless of what I need to improve, my life continues to be an amazing and astounding  thing, as long as I remember what the chances were, (i.e. infinitesimal,) that Earth settled  in this near-perfect place in our solar system, our galaxy, and the universe.


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