Today (9/15/12,) I am Thankful for:

My favorite post of the week is my Gratitude List every Saturday, and, as always, I have much to be grateful for this week.

I am grateful to be alive and able to enjoy the gorgeous weather we’ve had all week — a dry breeze, a clear sky, (most of the time,) and terrific temperatures hovering near 68℉.  In this part of Maine, at least, autumn is in the air.

I am thankful for my sister S. and my mom, who have both checked in with me when they didn’t hear anything for a day or two.  In spite of their busy lives, they keep my welfare in mind.  In fact, all of my family, including my brother Mark and my dad get thanks today — those last two for making me interested enough in the outcome of this election to argue with them at will.  The thing is, I don’t will it!

I am bubbling over with gratitude after the start of my latest Dream Team.  I sense my goal forming in the mind — I should know it in a couple of weeks.  This is a terrific group of women, and we are just different enough to be interesting to one another.  I have a very good feeling for the goal I set this time — I’ve proved to myself that I can succeed, and this and my other blog are proof.

I am grateful to feel that awakening I get every fall, when the whole world seems wide open in front of me.  In fact, I am thankful to feel anything at all — I remember times when I didn’t!

I am thankful for my friends, both here and around the world.  What a joy this blog is in my life, and what joys the people who have come into my life.  I love having friends!


8 responses to “Today (9/15/12,) I am Thankful for:

  1. And I am most grateful for you, my blogging sis. I love your list, really love the debates between you,your dad, and brother. Can only imagine. Beautiful ~!

    I keep meaning to say a word about your Dream Team. I’m sending you and your team all the creative mojo and postivive flow of energy as possible. Just enough to keep up with.

    A Sunday hug~ BB

    • Thanks so much, BB — as soon as I can learn how to make a button, I’m going to make this a challenge with a Linky on it, so we can all read each others’. The Dream Team is going to be great — thank you for the mojo and the energy, which I will need! Hugs right back, bloggy sis!

  2. I really love the weekly lists of what you’re thankful for. I not only get to see what happened during your week, but I also am inspired and encouraged by it. Please keep on doing it – I for one appreciate the uplifting that comes from reading it and looking for thankfulness in my own life.


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, and for being a faithful reader of this weekly post. I will certainly continue this list every Saturday, and I’m thinking of making a button and making it a challenge with a Linky List. 😎

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