Movie Review: End of Watch

I only have a few sentences to share regarding the movie Mom and I saw today — End of Watch.

End of Watch, Directed by David Ayer
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 This movie is directed by David Ayer.  It tells the story of two South-Central L.A. cops.  They’re young, full of smart ass and brass, and played nearly to perfection by Jake Gyllenhall and Michael Pẽna.  The supporting cast is very good, and the movie is fast-paced and in your face.

I was warned before I walked into the theater that this movie was brutal, and that description is warranted.  This is a brutal, bloody depiction of life on the streets of L.A., as real as a girl from Maine could ever imagine it to be.  And this is no happily-ever-after fairy tale.  I couldn’t help but relate to these young men, seeing the life they lead.

Powerful movie, for sure.  Not for the moviegoer with a weak stomach.  Still, I believe, well worth seeing once.


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