My Gratitude List — 09/22/2012

My favorite post of the week — my Gratitude List — is once again full of instances of good fortune; some challenges, for which I have help from all sides; and people all around me, for whom I give thanks.  Today, 09/22/2012, I am thankful for:

The beginning of Autumn — This has been an excellent summer, with lots of hot, sunny days and long lazy times sitting in the sun.  But Maine, in Autumn, has a beauty I believe is unmatched in the world.  The fall colors on the trees are spectacular, but fall is also full of cool clear blue skies, lovely northwest breezes, and the littlest hint of winter in the air.  I am grateful for each season in Maine, and for living in a place where seasons are still so clearly separated.

The beginning of a new dream team, and a new goal to pursue, learning to live with my diabetes in peace, at least relatively speaking.  My friend Darreby is still and always a beacon of strength, who lives the nature of grace all the time.  She has already helped me map out my approach to record-keeping, exercise, and spiritual fulfillment.  I have yet to map out my eating plan, but that tasks waits for today.

My friend F. has really stepped up to drive me to appointments — out of the goodness of his heart.  I have arranged to get him a meager $0.21 per mile, which is what Coastal Trans offers to friends and family willing to drive.  We continue to run errands together, with him providing transportation, and me doing the leg work.  This is fun for both of us, and benefits us both.

I haven’t been in touch with my family this week; nowhere near as often as usual.  But I love knowing that they are close by, in spirit if not in body.  Each is only a phone call away, and as far as I know, all is well throughout the family.

I received a real challenge this week, in the wake of my swollen calves and the over-prescription of diuretics:  I have moved into stage 4 Chronic Kidney Failure, and my nephrologist is sending me to dialysis education.  Hard to believe that I’ve expected this for so long, and suddenly, there it is, on the horizon.  But I don’t feel alone in this fear and sadness — I will do the best I can to avoid advancing to dialysis and stage 5, but by preparing for it now, I won’t be caught be surprise, and I have a great support system of friends, both here and in the blogoverse, and an incredibly wonderful family, as well as a terrific nephrologist.

So, even the saddest event this week has a component of gratitude, and I’ve had many happy events.  I am so very grateful.


6 responses to “My Gratitude List — 09/22/2012

  1. Judith, I’m very sorry to hear about the move into stage 4. I know you’ll pay attention to what they tell you in the dialysis education class(es). Again, I’m sorry to hear this news.

  2. I’m sorry Jude, I am greatly and deeply saddened by this news. i will not lie and try to be up despite it at this moment. Damn! Somehow I must have been in denial because i feel like the wond wasj ust taken out of my sail.
    enough about me,

    You are a narvel and as tears make it difficult to type you must know thatyour grace is beyond.Which why you have a gratitude list. My hand holds your my friend through this journey. I love you much my friend please take care ~

    • Thank you, sweetie — I have not given up hope, as you’ll see in my next post, so don’t you, either. I am lucky to have you walking next to me, and I know it. You are my best bibling sis, and I do love you!

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