Developing Spiritual Discipline

Many years ago, I noticed that my altar was overfilled with stuff — everything on the altar was important to me, but I was out of room, so I packed away about half of my things.  I have semi-precious gemstones, several decks of cards, (including a set of Goddess cards,) statues, some incense and oil burners, and who knows what else.  All of these things are very important to me and my spiritual grounding, but they have sat in that box for a few years, without me even looking at them.

The time has come to change that; I have freed up a small bookcase to hold everything that doesn’t go on the altar itself.  This way, I can see any of my things, whenever I want.  I have a lovely rock salt lamp, a gift from sister S., for which I have a new bulb, and a spot on the desk.  I have a fountain, a gift from my sister DB, which I ran for a month or two before I turned it off.  Running water is so important for me to have on my altar — I don’t know why I ever stopped using the fountain.

A few of the items for my space don’t look at all sacred, but each represents some important moment in my life.  S. gave me an acrylic paperweight, with a leopard ray formed within it.  One day, at Bahia Honda, in the Florida Keys,

Bahia Honda State Park
Image courtesy:

I couldn’t move in the water without stepping on some leopard ray.  I never got over the shock — I wish I had.  The water was teal and aqua and gorgeous, and we spent such a nice day there.

I have a lovely golden hippo statue from Egypt, which I bought after I saw the hippos underwater in a National Geographic documentary.

Momma and Baby Hippo
Image Courtesy:

This link is not from that documentary, but is a short example, similar to the first.  And here are some others; the first is particularly interesting to me, as it shows these big and ungainly creatures moving like dancers through the water.

These are all examples of the treasures I have on my altar.  I have a box with a cover, about 3 inches square, done in the same mosaic and with the same stones as the Taj Mahal.  At the back is a twelve-inch brass statue of Venus de Milo, who has been with our family since Turkey, in 1969.  I have incense, my Tibetan Singing Bowl, and so many others.  I have a very large collection of semi-precious stones and crystals.  All in all, everything there is something I love so much, the time has come to put them all out.

So that is part of my larger goal in Dream Team this time.  I’m going to rejuvenate my altar and re-invent my morning rituals, in an effort to clarify my spiritual discipline.  Tomorrow is the day — and I can’t wait!


One response to “Developing Spiritual Discipline

  1. Are sitting down? I have an alter, I have American Native Medical cards, tarot, and have candles incense, and my rock & crystals. My favorite one is called the Oklahoma Rose.
    I have water too. Air, Earth, Fire Water is why I have these represented.
    Very prominent in any meta-physical alter or environment. I think every home should contain these life forces in some way

    I have a devotion candle I light each evening when the sun goes down in some one’s name, or a few someone’s which I like, love feel or know that prayers, thoughts & energy are sent out through the universe. Your name was tonight. I think I love the symbolism and use it a part of my devotions. It is maybe the one aspect of Catholicism I miss. The others are why I refer to myself as a recovering cathoic….

    I used to also paint small rocks with simple wuote or empowering words like balance, energy, grace…. and I would leav ethem with people unbeknwnst tp them. The last one I gace was to my daughter who had brain surgert in 2010 that simply says God’s Grace. I think she is.

    She was a miracle, waking up on Easter Sunday, it was stunning! Like in her coma she knew the entire and extended family had all gathered here from all over on that Thursday & Friday they began arriving/ All of us had been to sunrise service that morning and then were out having breakfast as a large group, It was the first time since things had happened ( 10 days earlier ) that this family of ours’s were able to be togther in one room after trying to cover all basis. Our daughter, all that went with her suff, and my grandson. It was intense
    hmmm I miss doing that.
    I say good for you and let that light of your’s shine boldly on anything and everything that come sit is’ path. I feel really good about you doing this for what it uis worth

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