So, Where Has Judith Been?

Hi, everyone!  I have been absent for a few days, and barely writing for a week.  I intend to change that starting tomorrow.  My in box is full — I’m not going to answer all of the posts.  I apologize in advance, and will of course go back and read any you think I should.

Most of my time recently has been spent either at doctors’ appointments, or helping my friend F. do his errands and hang some posters.  I will continue to help F., and I have 1 appointment on the 27th, and 2 on the 1st of October, one on the 8th, and one on the 15th.  So I will still be pretty busy.

Today’s appointment was a Tissue Perfusion Test, which resulted in about the numbers I expected.  This will help with the vascular surgeon on the 1st.  I am feeling good — my swollen legs are receding — kidneys must be a little less stressed.

Anyway, I will try and get more writing in for the rest of the week, tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.


11 responses to “So, Where Has Judith Been?

  1. Nothing wrong with being absent from blogging, although I understand when you feel the need to apologise. I’m exactly the same! I too have been a little absent and last night managed to catch up on what is now my main blog (subject wise anyway) the other one gets a little 6 word Saturday attention regularly! I’m in need of assistance – gathering friends, family and followers opinions on Finland. Follow the link and let me know! Also anyone else that reads this comment, feel free to drop by and comment.

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