My Gratitude list — 9/29/2012


I have a lot to be thankful today.

1.)  I am grateful for belonging to another dream team.  My goal this time is to live with my diabetes, which regular readers know I have yet to do in my life.  I have seven good days of balanced eating and reasonable blood sugars; I have kept records on them, too, which I hadn’t been doing before.  My sister dreamers support me in this effort, and I couldn’t wish for a better cheering section, between them and my family and other friends.  I am a lucky girl!

2.)  I am grateful for my nephrologist, and even for the state of my kidneys.  They are not healthy, but they seem to be holding on.  More blood work on Monday for an update.  I am grateful for the amazing strides the medical community has made in methods of dialysis.  I haven’t yet begun to think about kidney transplant, but that is certainly an option to consider.

3.)  I am grateful, during this week of birthdays in my family, that the seven of us kids have stayed away from legal problems; we are all still alive; our parents are alive, which I know is an enormous blessing, and one I am always thinking of.  I am happy that I can keep track of my family, through the computer and the phone.

4.)  I thank my reader community — each of these bloggers and readers brings another perspective to the words I write, and I hope my outlook becomes more rounded and deeper due to those perspectives on my life.  Thanks to each of you for reading what I have to say.

5.)  I cannot possibly finish this list without thanking my friend, F., for the deal we have worked out.  He has been, and intends to drive me to most of my appointments.  In return, I get in and out of the car, pay bills, shop, and do other tasks which are difficult for F. to accomplish.  I must admit, we look pretty pathetic when we are both getting out of the car — slow and old and pained and tired.  But our conversations are lively, and we have disagreed safely, coming back to peaceful coexistence.  Thanks so much, F.

I have thousands of reasons to be grateful, and I remember that through the week.  This is one way I keep a smile on my face!


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