S-U-C-C-E-S-S! That’s the way we spell Success!

I have had a couple of excellent appointments since I posted in any length on this blog.  (I know I missed a lot of your posts, too — many apologies.)  I saw my diabetes nurse educator on the 27th, and my vascular surgeon today.

My Diabetes Nurse Educator (DNE) is Crystal.  I’ve been working with her since sometime early in 2007, and I know she has wrung her hands over me more than once.  Crystal is the caregiver with whom I had a running disagreement about blood sugar levels — all along, she has wanted me at 70-100, and I am perfectly satisfied if I can maintain 150.  This time around, I had more readings under 200 than I’ve had in the last 38 years, and more than half below 150.  Crystal completely forgot the 70-100 — she was so proud of the numbers I had.

We talked about diet and exercise, and I told her about my wonderful Dream Team sister dreamers, and the love and encouragement they have been giving me.  She agrees with me that this is a good time to reform my Diabetes behaviors, while I have such a good support group.  I have my good friend, F., who is providing transportation for me to most of my appointments.  And of course, I always have sister S., and Mom, actively helping; and the rest of my family wishing me well and helping me along.  I am blessed.

My appointment today was with my vascular surgeon, Dr. Jorgensen, who is following my peripheral artery situation.  Last year, he spoke of blockages high in my femoral artery at my groin, as well as one near my feet, and mentioned surgery as a possibility.  I was unable to see him in May, when I had the ultrasound done — on that day, I was dependent on Coastal Trans for transport to and from the appointment, arrived late for the ultrasound, and by the time the nurse came to take me into the office, I was on the phone, being told by Coastal Trans to go downstairs now, or miss my only ride home from Portland.

Anyway, today I got to see the doctor and hear the results of the ultrasound.  He says my blockages are stable, and that he won’t need to see me for a year!  I came home and took my daily walk, which still leaves me with shaky knees.  But the walking I have been doing this year has been good enough to stop the growth of those blockages.

So that was a very successful appointment as well.  After that appointment, I felt like jumping for joy!  I stopped at the lab, and had a basic metabolic panel drawn, so I can see if my kidneys are recovering at all.  Here’s hoping!


7 responses to “S-U-C-C-E-S-S! That’s the way we spell Success!

  1. I am so dog gone proud of Jude! I thnk you for sharing this good news. I have not been able to leave you out of my nightly candle pray. and it will be my pleasure to make certain your energy is impressed into the moments.

    I am doing cart wheels in my heart only because doing themw ith my vody would kill me now! ~ Your bloggu sis sends her love and hugs fro acelebrating Lets party now, in a clean way… she says sheepishly…

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