Share Your World — 10/02/2012

Time for another Share Your World Challenge, hosted by Cee.  Here are this week’s questions, and my answers in blue:

Share Your World
(from Cee’

Here are the four Share Your World questions for this week.    I hope you have some fun playing along.  It sure is fun learning about all of us.

  1. If you could be any animal, what would you be?  Something big — either an elephant or a hippo, living in a cool clear river on the Serengeti.
  2. What makes you feel the most secure?  Two-part answer:  Love, which comes sometimes from the most unusual places; and (never having been poor financially before,) my SSDI check when it comes in on the 3rd of the month.
  3. Have you ever jumped out of a plane?  If you haven’t, would you want to?  I have ridden in a lot of planes, but I haven’t jumped out of one yet.  I would love to go sky-diving, just once, to experience that freedom.
  4. Are you a listener or talker?  I know this is the easy way out, but I am both.  I learned, when I was still in my 20s, how to listen with full attention — most of us don’t have this in our lives, and its absence is obviously much-needed.  I have always been a talker, but part of learning to listen has been to learn when to stop talking — one of the smartest things I’ve ever done! 

4 responses to “Share Your World — 10/02/2012

  1. These are cool (especially the hippo floating in a Serengeti river) answers and it always amazes me that someone would love to sky dive…the very idea makes me feel cold and clammy with fear.

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