Duty-Bound to Dream

Whence comes inspiration?

(I wrote this sentence back in early August, saved it, and let it go.  Now is a good time to answer it.)

If I remember correctly, I wrote this sentence with the hope that inspiration would leap out of the words I was writing.  Right now, I am not at a loss for events and people who inspire me.  But my examination of my sources of inspiration may unearth something interesting — something unexpected.

My inspiration often is something very small — a phrase or word in a conversation; a glimpse out a window or into a box; a song, a reminder of a time long past, or a commercial I heard ten minutes ago on television.  I draw much of my inspiration from cards — The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz, or a set of Goddess cards, or rune cards, or a self-help deck.  For some reason, cards have an immediacy, a now-ness and focus that captures my intelligence, my soul, and my physical self.  Here are some examples of those cards:

1.)  The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz — the agreements are a.)  Be Impeccable with Your Word.  b.)  Don’t Take Anything Personally.  c.)  Don’t Make Assumptions.  d.)  Always Do Your Best.  Striving to live these precepts has brought me happiness and peace.

2.)  Power Thought Cards by Louise L. Hay.  These cards give examples of Affirmations which aid me, and all who read them, in finding inner strength.

3.)  Goddess Knowledge Cards by Michael Babcock, with paintings by Susan Eleanor Boulet of the Susan Eleanor Boulet Trust.  These cards contain information on the roots of and stories of Goddesses from every tradition, each tied to the Ultimate Woman, Mother of the Cosmos.  Through knowledge of the Goddess, I find new directions to explore in my own identity:  the many different characteristics of female nature found in the Goddesses give me both basic knowledge, and a sense of perspective from which to appreciate the female-ness of life.

Another important source of inspiration in my life is Music.  This music can be popular songs from the radio, a classical piece I played in my orchestral phase.  I may hear a country song, the lyrics of which touched my heart at sometime in my life.  I may see a stone, or a statue, or read a book.  All of these have provided inspiration to me during my writing career.

Or I may just have a glimmer of an idea, about which I am moved to write.  When I opened this blog, I intended to write about diabetes; I found very quickly, that I am no expert, and that my advice is not always for the best.  Instead, I have written on the one subject in which I am an expert:  me.  My life with diabetes has been colored with many events, and each has added to my self-understanding, and the inspiration behind everything I write.

Finally, I experience times when all I want is to express the beauty of words and the ways in which I may combine them.  The joy of writing is a large part of my feelings of happiness and self-realization; I am intensely blessed by the gift of words, passed on to me by my parents, teachers, enemies, and friends.  Considering the trillions of words written before mine, I believe I am duty-bound                                                                                 to seek the best words, phrases, and ideas available to me, regardless of the many different types of inspiration that come into my mind and heart.

I would love to hear from you, my readers, what inspires them — Please tell me in the comments section of this post..  Thanks!


3 responses to “Duty-Bound to Dream

  1. Inspiration comes from the common human experience. When I am affected by something, minor or momentous, I like to push it forward to see what the response is-“Hey this is what happened to me; has it happened to you too?”

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