Great News!

As I’ve described, and as you may have noticed here in the blog, I tend to overreact.  I am getting better at not overreacting, but my level of panic is tied to the severity of the events, people, ideas, and words that come to me.

Recently, I was given some bad news about the state of my kidneys.  Through a convoluted series of events, I came to know that I had slipped over to Stage 4 of my Chronic Kidney issue; next stop, they say, is dialysis.  In the face of this fact, I did better than I might imagine I would — unlike other times, the sadness and depression that came over me was temporary, and of a lower magnitude as well.

I just came to the point of accepting this life change when I decided to call the Nephrologist’s office, and get the results of my newer blood work.  And hey, presto!  After dropping most of the diuretic, which was failing to lower the swelling in my legs, my numbers have rebounded to their former level.  My creatinine went from 3.3 back to 2.7, and my BUN is lower than before the incident started.  Sodium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and all the other levels are within normal range.

And to top off this good news, my blood sugar at the time of the test was 123, which, for me, is akin to reversing the flow of Niagara Falls, or successfully jumping, without a parachute, from a plane.  I can’t emphasize this last enough — I could count on the fingers of one hand  the number of times my glucose level was under 200 on the results of a BMP.  I was prepared to live the rest of my life with blood sugars around 300, and damn the consequences; instead, with the help of my Dream Team sister dreamers, I am so far maintaining satisfactory numbers, and keeping good records.

So, that is my great news.  While talking to sister S. yesterday, I learned that she has known for a long time that my kidneys are not going to cause me problems.  She has me convinced!

I am SO GLAD to share this news with you, my bloggy family.  Thanks for being there, reading and responding and caring and loving.  Each of you has given me a great gift.  Please accept my thanks.


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