My Gratitude List — 10/06/2012

I am listening to classic rock as I write my gratitude list today, and I have to thank everything that’s holy that I was born in 1960, instead 2000.  The music I listened to when I was 12 was so good — so memorable.  I heard this song at work on Wednesday — brought me to a little tear, with a big smile at the same time.

My twelve-year-old heart loved this song in 1972; my 52-year-old heart still responds.  Here’s Brandy, You’re A Fine Girl, by Looking Glass:


(One of the reasons I include this song is in thanks for not having Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Lady GaGa, ‘NSYNC, and Katy Perry  as the singers of my teenage years.)

I am monumentally grateful for this old body of mine, which threw off my kidney troubles in less than a week.  I was able to walk today — I had to rest a lot, but I’d say I walked a total of 12 minutes of so.  This is an enormous achievement for me.And I couple  that with this:  Mom and I ate at the restaurant that has real  Southern biscuits and gravy, and I had 2 eggs, sausage, and a biscuit.  I hated it, but I need to develop  some self-control.

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with my brother, (the one we picked on so badly,) and my sister-in-law.  I hadn’t seen him in around 9 years, and I hadn’t seen her in twenty.  They are slightly more mellow than they were at first, and they love each other to distraction.  Two people who, together, prove that marriage can work, if you decide it’s going to.  Their kids are all out of high school, and they have a little more time for each other.

I am grateful for Dream Team, the members of whom are holding me accountable in my effort to take good care of myself.  I am going on a couple of weeks with pretty reasonable blood sugar levels, (for me — mostly between 120 and 180.)  I am surprised every time I use my meter, and record these sugar levels.

In addition, my nephrologist’s office notified me that my Basic Metabolic panel  was nearly normal, and I am maintaining  the important minerals and hormones , at successful levels.

Dozens of people help to make my life easier every day, and my thanks go out to each of you.  My life has smoothed out as regards transportation, due to my friend F. exchanging rides for me with errand running, in and out of the car.  I certainly feel like I’m getting the better end of this deal.  We have lots to talk about.

I am grateful for my brother and sisters; three of them just had birthdays, which makes us about 2/3 over 50.  Happy birthday, as well, to L., brother M.’s wife — I hope your day was marvelous.  Congratulations to my nieces, who are taking the world by storm.  Thanks to Mom for all the good conversations — you keep me thinking, and keep me informed.  Thanks to Dad and P.; I think we’re offering each other olive branches.  For my disrespect, Dad, I am sorry — but of course not for my opinions.

What a good time of my life I’m enjoying now — once again, I feel as though I am the luckiest girl in the world!


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