I’ll get to it….

I have always quit; I deserve recognition for starting projects I never finish.  I attended at least five colleges, names of which I can’t always remember.  Doesn’t everyone forget the names of the colleges they ?  No?

Obviously not.  My post-secondary education is one of the many strange anti-completions.  I write for my benefit, as well as for others who start and stop as a habit.  I have slacked waaaaay off on my posting, and on reading your posts.  I am not quitting this time, and I’ve got good reasons; writing them will aid me in remembering that those reasons are acceptable.

I am writing less, reading fewer posts and commenting on even fewer.  Some other projects I started and never finished (please forgive the list — my bullets and numbering are still busted, somehow,):

***  I have pledged to eat more carefully and keep track of my blood sugar, but I never followed through.  Today is my twelfth day; I am feeling quite confident, after my kidney scare, I must do this.

***  I married three men; I couldn’t make any of them last. None of these men was the one; each time, I was intent on finding that man who loved me, sincerely enough to fool me, at least. I feel nudges of that desperation even now, but I am also doing very well living alone.  It’s a relief:  I make my own schedule and break it if I want to.  I am quite lucky — I wake each day and live by my own ethic.  A blessing indeed.

***  I have said I would walk daily, as walking the exercise of choice for me, but I only walked regularly one time, in a group, which no longer meets. I am keeping an eye out for a treadmill that has been gently used; one which I can use on the third floor without driving the renter below me crazy.

I ignore the rituals of my spiritual life.  I am a woman starving in an abundant jungle of opportunities.  Recently, I made my spiritual life a priority once more, thanks to Dream Team.  I am reshaping my life once again, to include these daily rituals.

My diabetes log is another project I’m keeping, and I intend to maintain; I eat less, keep my blood sugars lower, and feel better about the whole thing.  I also thank the Dream Team for support on this.  The satisfaction of these new good habits benefits every area of my life.


3 responses to “I’ll get to it….

  1. Maybe you need to set yourself small goals. Sometimes, it’s the vastness of the task that makes us quit. My friend gave me this advice: if you want to book a holiday, what’s the absolute smallest thing you can do? Break it down. First thing would be getting brochures but I’d have to go into town. Okay. Getting washed and dressed is the smallest thing I can do. I do that. Now, get on the bus. Done. Walk into travel agent’s shop. Done. Pick up brochure, etc…

    Don’t think of how much you quit, but instead, how many small things you can finish, i.e. get washed, dress, bus, etc.

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