My Gratitude List 10/27/2012

Saturday morning, and I have an interesting gratitude list today.  First, I am grateful for my family and friends, all the people who love me and stand beside me when I need them.  I am grateful to be as healthy as I am, and so thankful for my sister Dreamers in the Dream Team, who encourage and support my efforts to be a better record-keeper for my diabetes caregivers.

Today, though, I am especially grateful to live in the state of Maine.

This is the end of the dock in Five Islands; it’s used
by both working lobstermen, and the best lobster shack in the world.

I took a few pictures — cell phone camera — and here is my home state:

Mom grew up near here. This is the dock at Five Islands, and from here, beyond the islands you see, is the Atlantic.  We try to go down to the Five Islands Lobster Co. once every year, at least.  They do have yummy lobsters, clams, fried seafood, and wicked good ice cream.

This is a shot of the same dock facing the other way — upriver.

In this image, we are looking upriver — still looks a lot bigger than a
river from here

The river which empties into Five Islands is the Sheepscot.  Other major rivers in the area are the New Meadows river, the Kennebec, (which runs through my home town of Bath,) the Back river, and the Sheepscot.

On another day, a friend of mine and I drove to Boothbay Harbor, another nearby working harbor and very popular tourist destination.  (This link offers some lovely photos of Boothbay Harbor — worth seeing.)  We sought a photo of a large bell, once used on Seguin Island, which now lives at the Coast Guard Station in Boothbay.  Friends of Seguin Island are in the process of getting that bell back.

This is a shot in front of the Coast Guard Station.

This is the entrance to the Coast Guard station in Boothbay Harbor,
Maine. A lovely spot.

Anyone lucky enough to be stationed here will never want to leave.

Below is another shot

This photo gives an idea of the vastness of the harbor behind the seats. Boothbay Harbor is an ideal place for Puffin Watching and Whale Watching trips.

from the lawn of the main complex of buildings — a beautiful site.

I will have more pictures in future posts, but I wanted to give just a taste of the lovely state of Maine.



7 responses to “My Gratitude List 10/27/2012

  1. I’ve never been to Maine but I’ve heard good things. With my wife in grad school we are going to have to be more budget conscious with our vacations (possibly more camping/less international travel) and I’ve heard that Acadia is wonderful.

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