Many thanks to my friend, Pouring My Art Out, for this lighter look at the rising oceans of the world.

Pouring My Art Out

I am still trying to take a depressing issue and look on the bright side… which should become easier as the sun gets hotter and brighter, right?

Now this might seem insensitive on my part in light of the big storm that just hit the Eastern seaboard and New York, but maybe we should consider it a wakeup call. Perhaps this is a warning. And maybe there is still time to heed this warning. As long as the changes happen gradually and everyone has time to move inland, there should be no loss of life. And if that is the way it plays out, then we just have to look at it as a gift. Like we will have some fun places to practice our high dives…

Maybe, just maybe, people will still be able to live in some of the taller buildings… except for when the next super storm comes to…

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  1. Those pictures with the Statue of Liberty up to her high waist in water was very sobering as were the other pictures that indicate great photo shopping but open the doors for deep thoughts of “that could really happen”. I was put into a very deep thinking afternoon and going to my Bible in Revelations and studying again John’s visions long ago and the revelation that was given to him to pass along to us to let us be warned of the end days, which we are now in.

    • I will look forward to learning your feelings about the Revelation, and the things that are happening now. During my study in the Seminary, I had a bright, very faithful New Testament professor — she passed along to us one of the more interesting interpretations of the Revelation — she said John of Patmos wrote the Revelation as an allegory, with Rome being the beast, and Octavius Caesar the Anti-Christ. She walked us through the whole book, and I haven’t really been able to take it literally since. So, I really would love to hear your thoughts.

      • After studying the book, Revelations, in the Bible many times, I would be very interested in hearing your professor’s take on John of Patmos’ being an allegory. Please, let’s discuss this further at some time you have the time. I am interested in any interpretation. I have my own, of course, that has come from my own understanding and the study guides I have read along with the teachings in my class.

      • I will have to do some digging — when I find my notes, I will forward them to you. And I’d be thrilled if you would forward to me any of the materials you have from studies. Then, we both start from even ground, knowing what the other is thinking. I, too, am open to other interpretations — I have already learned that some of my professors at the seminary were assuming a lot.

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