The Birds Revisited

I love a lot of different species of birds.  All of these birds can be located at the following site.  From Maine, the chickadee and the evening tanager; from Adirondack Park, the cedar waxwing and the harriers;  from North Carolina, the cardinals, the tufted titmouse and the lovely eastern bluebird, with a song that sounds like an actual chirp; from eastern Colorado, the tiny shrikes and the barn swallow; from California, stellar’s jays and the downy woodpecker; and finally, from Florida, the roseate spoonbill, and my favorite bird in the world — the brown pelican.

Brown Pelicans at the Wild Bird Sanctuary
Image courtesy of Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, Tavernier, Florida

I sorted through a pile of old photographs today, and came upon pictures I took while visiting sister S. in Key Largo.  A Wild Bird Sanctuary can be found in nearby Tavernier, where the first birds I saw were lines of pelicans looking down on us visitors; and from any stretch of shoreline anywhere in the keys.

I was captivated by the resting position of this pelican, specifically the face and bill.  The bird strikes me as a descendant of dinosaurs — he is unlike any other bird.  While in flight, he looks almost identical to drawings of Pterosaurs.  I like him most when he is sitting, With other pelicans, he looks like a Supreme Court Justice with his colleagues on the bench.

To me, when I saw the birds in the sanctuary, a photo of which is attached above, all I could think of was British MPs, looking down their noses at each other and at me.  Or perhaps ladies at a Garden Tea — can’t you just picture them, sitting so formally together, straight, stiff faces and not a smile, but sideways glances to see who may be breaking the rules.  Perhaps a room full of Tom Cratchetts, or for that matter, Ebeneezer Scrooges, glasses perched on the ends of their noses, very serious-faced and practical, looking at a desktop of work ahead.

If anyone has the joy of visiting the northern Keys, the Wild Bird Center is located on US Rt. 1, which runs the length of the Keys.  The Center’s address is:

THE LAURA QUINN WILD BIRD SANCTUARY ADDRESS: 93600 Overseas Hwy MM 93.6, Tavernier, FL 33070 [Click for map]
Visitor Hours: Sunrise to Sunset


One response to “The Birds Revisited

  1. Birds have to be one of my favorite past times, the watching, feeding and the ones who stay around the house on a consistant basis. They are so beautiful and free and teach me a lot about living. I have learned how God has arranged for their care in the cold winter months and as babes even in the summer when they get cold. When there is several hatchlings. They line up on a limb and touch each other to stay warm. After awhile, they turn to warm the other side (the ones on the end) and nobody gets too cold.

    We have the duty to help them by providing food and water because God told us to care for the animals and creation. So we keep four feeders going during the months between November to April as well as in the summer time when the summer birds arrive with all their brilliant colors.

    Sometimes, I would like to migrate with them to where they disappear to when summer is over and they head for exotic places with warmer temperatures. It would be so interesting to see how they make the long trips, even to Mexico and other beautiful tropical places. I would love to see how they make it that far and what they have to endure on the trip.

    They bring great joy into my life and I am so thankful for my feathered friends.

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